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Welcome to Nail-Haggard Funeral Home

The family owned and operated Nail-Haggard Funeral Home is as rich in history as it is in quality.

The Victorian style home was built in 1899 by the R. N. Traylor family. With admiration for the home's eminent quality and historical essence, Robert Nail, his son, Roy A. Nail and George Haggard bought the house with plans to establish a funeral home. In 1949 they officially founded Nail-Haggard Funeral Home.

In November 1967, Nail-Haggard Funeral Home became a member of the "International Order of the Golder Rule". Admittance into this organization is awarded to family owned funeral homes by invitation only.

In 1985, Roy J.Nail, son of Roy A. Nail, proudly became the third generation to take part in the family business. With adherence to the family value, Roy J. Nail currently owns and operates Nail-Haggard Funeral Home.

Nail-Haggard Funeral Home is dedicated to providing you with quality and comfort during your most trying of times. We also understand that this process can be difficult, so we seek to make your needs our priorities.